The project we name ‘A/Planetary’ is to affirmatively engage in this precise situation and to grasp the impetus of the planetary reverberation—where it is going, and in what directions we would want it to go. It takes the form of a common research project, wherein friends and comrades who live and fight in different locations on six continents of the planet exchange their experiences, analyses, communiqués, theories and all forms of discourse and enunciation they produce. Our hope is to create a collective intelligence of the planetary struggle by constantly making and remaking a cartography of inter-relations or interconnectivity of the living conditions, sufferings, struggles and aspirations of the people, as well as all of what social processes and relations currently compose such forces across so many coordinates. This is ultimately for mutual recognition and enhancement of local (which are also planetary) struggles—toward a situation wherein varied types of autonomous zones begin to take initiatives over large and larger surfaces of the planet.


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